DIY Fall Wood Block


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We love decorating for the holidays. We also love two-for-one crafts! Our DIY fall wood block features a bright sunflower on one side and an inviting witch on the other. Sit for a spell as we guide you through this fun fall craft.

Supply List

  • Wood block. We cut a chunk off an old 2×6 we had in the garage so our block is approximately 5.5 x 5.5 inches. Amazon also has unfinished wood blocks that would be perfect for this project here.
  • A favorite paint color.
  • Brushes. Any will do; however, we prefer foam brushes when working with Mod Podge  
  • Mod Podge.
  • Various scrap ribbon.
  • Sunflower/witch printable. The printables are each 8 x 10 inches and can be downloaded here.


The hardest part of this project is waiting for the paint to dry before moving on to the next step. You can definitely do this craft piecemeal by painting one day and Mod Podging the next. Start by printing your printables and painting the entire wood block your desired color. We used two coats of white.

After the paint is dry, spread Mod Podge on one side of wood and on the back of one printable. Align your printable and smooth out bubbles. We do use the Mod Podge Decoupage Tool Set to remove bubbles and really like it. Fingers or a flat edged ruler work well, too. Once all the bubbles have been smoothed out, put a final layer of Mod Podge over the top of both the printable and wood edges and let dry. Repeat this process for back side.

Last but not least, make a scrap bow. Lay your tie ribbon from top to bottom. Create a plus sign by laying your widest piece of ribbon (your base layer) on top of your tie ribbon. Now place scrap ribbon in an X pattern over the base layer. When you are done adding scraps, take your tie ribbon ends and tightly tie a bow over your layers. Adjust your scrap layers to lay as you want them. When you are happy with your bow, hot glue it to the top of your block.

The finished blocks are super hardy and versatile. I like to set them on our mantle, the entertainment center and use different variations as table center pieces throughout the holidays. We hope you love our wood block crafts as much as we do. ~ Rett & Co.


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