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It’s about 22 degrees with 6 inches of snow on the ground where we live. That means it’s the perfect day for staying inside and crafting up some new Valentine’s Day décor! First up is our" I picked you" couple.


  • 2 wooden boards (we used the pictured shelf sitters from Dollar Tree. They are 2 inches wide, 18 inches tall and 1 inch deep.) 
  • 2 wooden ball knobs (we used 2 inch)
  • Heart shaped accent
  • Small wooden blocks *if you have a saw, you will not need these
  • Paint
  • Jute cord/ twine
  • Hot glue gun
  • Brushes

Dollar Tree has cute Valentine’s Day shelf sitters on display this year and they are made out of heavy wood instead of having a hollow core. As soon as we picked them up, we knew their weight would be great for this project! We also grabbed some ribbon, chalk board hearts and grapevine hearts while browsing the store. If you do not have access to a saw, you will also want to pick up a Jenga set from the Dollar Tree in the kid’s toy section.

*If you plan on using a saw to shorten one block, you will want to do that before beginning the project. A half inch to ¾ of an inch off the bottom of one block will do. After sanding, you will be ready to begin.

To start, we painted our two wood blocks with Sheepskin chalk paint. We used two coats over the portion of the block with writing and one coat on the rest of the block. We used Imperial for our chalkboard heart cutout. We used a bit of the sheepskin to add embellishments round the outside edges. Last but not least, we painted our wooden dresser knobs with two coats of River Walk.

While our painted pieces were drying, we assembled our small wood block riser. Hot glue the surface sides of 3 Jenga blocks together. After they have cooled, hot glue the blocks to the bottom of one of your wood people. To fit the depth, you will want to glue the 3 sides to the bottom of the board, not the top surface. The blocks will be slightly too narrow for the width but that is ok.

After the riser is attached, you are ready to join your two wooden blocks. Hot glue the edge of one block and then quickly line up the bottoms and join together. We did tightly hold our wood piece together to ensure a firm seal while the glue cooled.

With the blocks now firmly attached, hot glue three strands of jute rope around the bottom. We chose to wrap the cord around all four sides so the project looks good from any angle. At this point, you can also hot glue one head to the top of each wood block.

While I liked the chalkboard heart, I did decide last minute to switch to the vine heart. Either heart option would be adorable, the vine heart just happened to match better with my décor. I used five strands of jute twine and spread them out a bit to give more definition. You can add a bit of ribbon or baubles to the heart, it’s really up to you!

Last but not least, decide where to display your new creation. It really is a versatile piece. You could even switch out what the couple is holding per season to keep it up year-round.

We hope you loved this project as much as we did. Please be sure to like and share us on social media, we appreciate you following us!  ~ Rett & Co.  

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