About Us

I’m Merideth, the owner of Rett & Company! We are a small, veteran family-owned business based in Nebraska. I’ve been married to my husband Jason for 26 years. Thankfully, Jason retired last year after 30 years of active-duty USN service. With no more moves on the horizon, we are excited to settle down and embrace the creative opportunities our small business provides. 

A maker at heart, I have always loved learning new skills. Growing up in rural "fly over" country, if you wanted something quick, you had to do it yourself.  My mother managed the local fabric store and my father was a contractor. Their DIY attitudes fostered much of my creativity and desire to add not-so-traditional knowledge to my skillset. From blue ribbon skirts in 4-H, to military housing upgrades on a dime, to power tools and woodworking, I realized the freedom that comes with being able to do it yourself.

With frequent coast to coast moves between joint service bases, I have been blessed to meet people from all walks of life. Some love DIY and some simply want to buy the finished product. When planning Rett & Company, I wanted to be sure there was something for everyone so you will find both DIY projects and finished goods for sale on the site. Rest assured, all items for sale on Rett & Co. are handmade right here in Nebraska. If you have seen us at a local event, you know we pride ourselves on creating quality home décor, gifts and pet accessories.

Together, Jason and I have 2 boys and a spunky Shiba Inu named Lzzy Lou. Lzzy Lou is the inspiration of Rett & Company’s pet accessory line, the Lzzy Lou Collection. The building, buying, cutting, design, assembly, photography, website, packing, marketing and everything else that comes with owning a small business is all carried out by us. When we say small business, we really do mean SMALL business. Thank you for following and supporting us as we turn our dream into a reality!   

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