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Is it too early to craft for the Holidays? Honestly, it seems a bit early to us. However, there are currently so many cute items on the shelves we hate to wait and miss out on all the good stuff! In this post, we are going to make a couple of ornaments that will be gorgeous on your tree. They would also make great gift tags for friends and family.  

We bought some wood pieces for a separate project but when they showed up they were not the correct size. Rather than return, we decided to keep them for holiday season. We did feel like they were still a good deal even though the sizing was off. Our pieces measure 2.75" x 4.25" but the project is flexible enough you can use any size small wood flat. 

Choose a base color for your wood flat. We went with Sheepskin and applied just one coat. After our paint dried, we took one flat and drew a few vertical lines on it with a Sharpie for a shiplap look. We gave it a minute to dry and then lightly sanded the lines so they looked distressed and not rigid. Last but not least, we placed a thin coat of wax on each flat so the project remains protected for years to come. 

Next, we chose our adornments and painted them black. We got the reindeer/ snowflake combo at Walmart in their holiday section. We also got our black and white beads there. If you haven't taken a run through Walmart to look at craft supplies lately, I highly suggest it. The small ornaments they have this year are too cute! We chose two reindeer for our project as we have two nature lovers in mind to gift them to.

While our reindeer were drying, we adorned the top of each flat. We wanted a little depth underneath our sprig of greenery so we placed a flat ribbon across the top of one piece and ran our jute around the top of the other piece. We then created two hangers, one with beads and one withoutAfter we secured all the pieces, we cut our greenery to fit. We did leave extra length on each greenery stem so we could bend the metal around each side of the ornament and tack down with our hot glue gun in the back. 

We placed our reindeer on next. We positioned them, made a light staging mark and then permanently hot glued them down.

We love how the ornaments turned out. I think we will do more bead/ bow accents in the future. It is such a fun way to individualize each ornament yet keep them complimentary. 

We'd love to hear about the colors and adornments you use on this project. Comment below! ~Rett & Co. 



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