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We don't know about you but we're in full Christmas mode over here! We found a couple of cute garland strands on discount at Michaels the other day and knew they would come in super handy for numerous holiday projects including a double sided shelf sitter. 


  • Wood block or 6x6 inch sign from Dollar Tree
  • Larger ornaments such as reindeer, tree, stocking snowflake etc...
  • Scrapbook paper 
  • Paint in any color
  • Adornments
  • Mod Podge
  • Paint Sponges
  • Hot glue gun 

For our project base, we upcycled a holiday sign from Dollar Tree. The sign had glitter on it so first we sanded off as much glitter as we could. When using Mod Podge, you want to be sure your surface is as smooth as possible so it doesn't look bumpy later. Next, we painted all sides and approximately 1/4 inch into the sign surface on both sides. We will be applying scrap paper to each side so there is no need to paint the entire surface. However, if you are using very light or very thin paper, you will want to paint your entire base so you have an even tint across the entire piece of paper. If you are having difficulty getting paint into the corners, a Q-tip will help you obtain an even coat. 

While your paint is drying, cut your scrapbook paper to size. Joann's recently had scrapbook paper on sale 10 sheets for $2.00 so we picked up quite a few sheets that would look great on holiday themed creations. We really like the sheet music piece! Our base was 6 x 6 inches so we cut our paper in a 5.5 inch square to allow our red border to show. Once the paint is completely dry, spread a thick coat of mod podge on, align your scrapbook paper and lightly press down. You will be able to slide your scrapbook paper around a bit so don't be too nervous if you are a bit misaligned to start. Once your paper is where you want it to be, use a mod podge tool or an old credit card to firmly press down the paper and remove all bubbles. Be sure to start in the middle and work your way out to the edges when removing air bubbles. 

While the mod podge is setting, prepare your adornments. Our holiday tree was already painted green and we liked the color so we left it as is. We painted our wooden reindeer with Ceramcoat Pearl Finish so it would have a slight shimmer. We placed a quick twine bow on our tree and a mini buffalo check ribbon on our deer for a bit of detail. 

With the mod podge dry, we aligned our reindeer and tree and permanently set them into place using our hot glue gun. Last but not least, we chose to run a thin piece of shimmer ribbon along the middle of all three sides to break up the red just a bit.

We haven't quite decided if our creation will sit in our tiered tray or on our terra cotta accent bowl. Either way, it will look gorgeous from all sides! We hope this project gave you a little inspiration and you create your own version soon. We'd love to see it! ~ Rett & Co. 

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