Pumpkin Pie Place Cards

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If you're looking for a quick Thanksgiving themed garland or place cards, our pumpkin pie creation is just for you! 


For our wood triangles we used the Fab Lab Wooden Triangle Garland from Joanns. There are 7 triangles in each pack. You can string them up for a garland as intended or keep them separate for place cards. First, place a piece of Scotch or painter's tape to separate the bottom of your crust from the pie. With your line defined, paint your crust. We used DecoArt Metallic paint in Glorious Gold for a little shimmer but any tan paint will do. When the crust is dry, position your tape on the crust side of the triangle following the same defined line. Paint the exposed part of the triangle orange. We applied 2 coats of Ceramcoat in Pumpkin. 

While your orange paint is drying, paint all split beads white. We used Ceramcoat in White for this step. We utilized the same split bead painting technique we told you about in our Gilded Pumpkin project. The reverse tape method makes painting split beads quick and easy! For our name, we chose to use wood letters and painted them white. However, you could also create names using vinyl or brush pens. 

If you are using the craft as a garland, do not complete the next step. If you are creating the place cards, you may want to wrap your crust in burlap ribbon so the string holes do not show. First we lined up the ribbon on the front of our pumpkin to cover our crust. We then folded the ends over and flipped our pumpkin color side down. Tack down each ribbon fold with a hot glue gun. Next, fold the edges over like you would a present and tack with a bit of hot glue. Last, fold the entire flap over the back of your pumpkin and firmly glue down. 

 Now you are ready to place your name and split beads on each triangle. If you are using as a garland, you can omit names or add an extra "whip cream" bead in the middle for character. 

We hope you enjoyed this craft as much as we did! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! ~ Rett & Co. 

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