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This week we used our Sit for a Spell printable and created a cute door hanger sign!

Supply List

  • Any hanging sign from Dollar Tree. We used the Thinking of a Master Plan sign normally hanging in the checkout line. 
  • A favorite paint color. White, orange or black would compliment the printable. 
  • Brushes. Any will do; however, we prefer foam brushes when working with Mod Podge  
  • Mod Podge.
  • Various scrap ribbon.
  • Sit for a Spell printable. The printable is 8x10 inches and can be downloaded here.

Printables are great because they can be used to create multiple items. You can see the double-sided shelf sitter we made here. The printables are also cute simply placed inside an 8x10 frame.

To start, you will want to paint your wood form to block out the design underneath. We painted the body of the sign white and then the top rail and bottom two triangles black. We did one coat of white and two coats of black. We doubled up on the black because the printable will not cover that part of the sign.

Next, trim the printable to fit the wood form. We took a bit off the top and the bottom so the buffalo check remained in the middle of the sign. You may have a different strategy if you will be using a larger bow or placing the bow in the center etc...

After the paint is dry, spread Mod Podge on the wood form and on the back of your printable. Align the printable and smooth out bubbles. We do use the Mod Podge Decoupage Tool Set to remove bubbles and really like it. Fingers or an old credit/gift card work well, too. Once all the bubbles have been smoothed out, spread a final layer of Mod Podge over the top of both the printable and wood edges and let dry.

Our final step is a scrap bow. Lay a tie ribbon from top to bottom. Create a plus sign by laying your widest piece of ribbon (your base layer) on top of your tie ribbon. Now place scrap ribbon in an X pattern over the base layer. When you are done adding scraps, take your tie ribbon ends and tightly tie a bow over your layers. Adjust your scrap layers to lay as you want them. When you are happy with your bow, hot glue it to the top (or bottom) of your sign.

We currently have our gilded pumpkin hanging on our front door but will be switching it out with our new Halloween themed sign through the month of October!

We hope you enjoyed this project as much as we did! ~ Rett & Co.

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